Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Response Protocol


We are pleased to announce that RSM ATL has partnered with ServiceMaster by Bailey to facilitate your location with the proper cleaning and preventative protocol to mitigate risk & exposure in accordance with CDC recommendations

Cleaning for Precautionary Measures (No confirmed COVID-19 case)

**If your facility has experienced confirmed exposure to the COVID-19 virus, please call our main office at 770-415-0045 ext 1 to discuss cleaning requirements and options**

The following services pertain to facilities that have not experienced a confirmed case of COVID19:

1) Provide necessary and appropriate security and sensitivity for the customer and their property.

2) ServiceMaster by Bailey employees will wear appropriate Professional Protection Equipment (PPE).

3) Remove gross soiling from all surfaces.

a. Installing UV assisted Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Unit while working to assist with airborne particulates.

b. Installing Hepa 500 Air Scrubber while working to assist with airborne particulates.

4) Use an EPA registered product that meets the requirements for COVID-19 (1), paying particular attention to required dwell time.

a. Starting at the furthest point working toward the exit, clean/wipe all surfaces paying particular attention to high touch areas (counters, sinks, rest rooms, elevators, doorknobs, light switches, etc.).

b. Utilize micro-fiber cloths, folded to provide adequate surface cleaning.

c. Spray cloth and wipe to ensure coverage and to remove soiling.

d. Surface must remain wet for required dwell time

5) Work out of the room applying product with ULV Fogger avoiding re-soiling.


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